Why Support?

Why Support Homewood Community?

412Connect is an effort to engage with the community beyond our campuses and self-reflect along the way. For Fall 2022, this platform presents a snapshot of the organizational assets within one of these communities, Homewood, to facilitate our students' interest in becoming cohesive members of the broader Pittsburgh community. As you partake in this scavenger hunt, we invite you to consider ways that you can further engage with this community as well as why this initiative is important at a university and individual level. Our community partner, Pitt’s CEC in Homewood, suggests the following reasons:

  • We have a history with this neighborhood: A successful and challenging history. Informed by that history, this strategy builds on trusting relationships and many lessons learned.

  • We are close by: This neighborhood is close in proximity to Pitt/Cmu’s Oakland campuses, making it feasible to sustain our involvement and student and faculty participation.

  • We can make an impact: Residents of this neighborhood experience poverty, health disparities, educational opportunity gaps, high unemployment, or other forms of marginalization. It is part of Pitt’s civic purpose to help our neighbors.

  • We’ve been invited by community leaders and residents: Community leaders have expressed a desire to work with Pitt/CMU and are willing to guide our engagements to ensure they are aligned to community needs and knowledge.

  • We’re building on naturally-occurring networks: Community partners and Pitt/CMU representatives have already been working together to make good things happen in Homewood. By highlighting organizational assets within Homewood, we will sustain the steady growth of these networks of collaborators.

Mural in Homewood.

We can ALL be a part of impactful change for marginalized communities in the Pittsburgh area. Social media is a powerful FREE tool that can help change the course of any organization by offering visibility opportunities. By promoting services and amplifying brand recognition, 412Connect’s social media initiative can help marginalized organizations reach new audiences.

Historically, college students throughout the world have given rise to movements that have changed the status quo. We invite you to join us in sparking a movement to uplift marginalized organizations in our own backyard.

Let’s partner together to create community, change, and celebration.