How do I play in the virtual scavenger hunt?

instructional document

Detailed Instructions

Ready to meet your local Black-owned businesses? Join us and a local minority business incubator, Riverside Center for Innovation (RCI), on a virtual Scavenger Hunt. Here you will earn points by finding out interesting facts about some gems of Pittsburgh entrepreneurship and interacting with them through social media!

On your hunt there are two ways to earn points: Community Explorer tasks and Social Amplifier tasks. For a Community Explorer task, the small business owner (or RCI) will ask you a question about the business or its proprietor and provide some links for you as “hints.” For a Social Amplifier task, the business will ask you to Follow them on the social channels of their choosing so you can keep in touch and learn more about them. You can further help amplify a business’ online presence through posting, liking or retweeting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. This increased social media visibility can change the course of their business!

Successful completion of each type of tasks will earn you progress towards a corresponding badge. Each badge comes in three tiers (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). For a Bronze Community Explorer badge, you only need to answer one trivia question. For the Silver badge, you need to answer 4 more questions, and for the Gold badge, 8 more questions. The same leveling up system applies to the Social Amplifier badge (+1, +4, +8 social media follows). Pitt undergrads: take a screenshot every time you earn a new badge and redeem it for Pitt’s Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) credit – scroll down for the exchange rates.

Simply create an account by entering your university (.edu) email. You will receive a verification code in that email. Once you enter this code into the website, you will be able to log into your account and view your scavenger hunt challenges on your Dashboard. You can view your badge progress, including current badge tier and distance from the next tier, below the rolodex of businesses on your user Dashboard.

Happy exploring!