Bridging students and underrepresented communities

Get to know your local community. Explore websites of minority businesses to find answers to trivia questions. Raise their social media visibility through Follows and Likes. For Fall 2021, we partner with the Pittsburgh minority business incubator Riverside Center for Innovation to feature their Black-owned businesses (BOBs) in a scavenger hunt.

Why support Black businesses?

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From Black content creators on TikTok, street fashion muses, to imaginative food, examples of creativity and entrepreneurship abounds.

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However, Black-owned businesses face a number of systemic challenges that inhibit their growth, despite their creativity and grit.

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Historically, students have given rise to changes in the status quo. Their social media support can change the course of a business.

A BOB Scavenger Hunt

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Meet your guide

Learn about the minority business incubator that have curated the businesses and activities in this scavenger hunt for you.

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Explore BOBs’ pages for answers

Can you find the answer to the BOBs’ trivia questions in their socials and websites? Would you follow them?

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Earn a badge

Accumulate points and progressively unlock Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges. (Pitt students: these badges can be traded for OCC credit!)

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Curator's Note

RCI Scavenger Hunt Guide

Riverside Center for Innovation (RCI) helps pre-venture, startup, and existing businesses acquire the tools needed to overcome barriers that may impede growth for small, diverse businesses. This 412Connect scavenger hunt activities have been curated especially for you by RCI to explore Black enterpreneurship in Pittsburgh.

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